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Press Release - H+B Capital

Updated: May 26, 2020

Former UBS Director and ex-Brazil hedge launch wealth boutique

A former UBS director and an ex-hedge fund manager from Brazil have joined forces to set up a wealth firm in London.

Sukru Haskan and Paulo Bilezikjian have launched a boutique called H+B Capital, targeting high-net-worth individuals who live in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and Greece and who have businesses or interests in the UK.

While a number of wealth firms are waiting for more clarity on Brexit to figure out how it might affect their clients based in EU countries, Haskan believes that this will not be an issue for the segment he is targeting.

Haskan told Wealth Manager that people from these countries are not overly concerned with how regulations and laws might change after Brexit, as they never had the advantage of being part of the EU in the past. 'Citizens from these countries have already to had to deal with a number of obstacles doing business in the UK. The EU was always irrelevant ton them, which still makes the UK a good market for EM-domiciled clients.'

Bilezikjian will oversee investment management for the new firm, while Haskan will focus on business development. The bespoke portfolios will invest globally, across active and passive funds as well as direct equities and alternative assets.

Haskan previously spent time in Singapore as a director on UBS' ultra-high-net-worth desk. Prior to that, he had stints at DBS Bank, Barclays and Saxo Bank.

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