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H+B Capital has three main principles: 
Integrity, Agility and Humility 

About H+B Capital 

H+B Capital is founded by Sukru Haskan in 2018 with the support of major UHNW families in different EM countries. Sukru Haskan previously spent time in Singapore, Zurich and London with major institutions. His last professional position before establishing H+B Capital in London, was director of a major Swiss banks UHNW(Ultra High Net Worth) desk.


H+B Capital's clients are looking for a long term, conflict of interest free relationship with an institution that is able to work with different banks and across different jurisdictions under one umbrella.

The name, H+B, reflects our attitude towards wealth management: our name is at stake through our reputation. 


We are fans of Stoicism and in particular of one of the leading thinkers of this school of thought, Seneca. He was a philosopher and a statesman. He acted as Emperor Nero’s advisor. He was a prosperous but most importantly, an honourable person. 

“Seneca only wanted the upside of wealth but was always ready to use it and never dependent on it. He was a master of it, not its slave. All the upside, none of the downside. We need to constantly re-examine if we are so trapped by the gifts of good fortune that we are scared to lose and therefore turning it into our master.”


H+B Capital acts on three main principles for its clients: integrity, agility, and humility.


Integrity: It is transparent and pursues clients’ interests above all else.


Agility: Quick delivery of solutions is essential.


Humility: It follows the philosophy of being free of ego. We are here to be of service to our clients. 

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